Alpacas for Sale

We have a variety of females and males for sale. We have 6 beautiful 2 year old females born 2015. All these females are open at present but we would be happy to mate them prior to a sale. We have older females for sale who have all produced excellent cria. We also have three of our stud males for sale. Our males offer excellent Australian genetics (see our for sale list for more details on individual alpacas ) If you need any further information please call

When buying from Little Park farm our customers can feel safe in the knowledge that our alpacas are kept in a bio secure closed herd. We have had strict biosecurity measures in place from at least a month before the alpacas arrived onto our land. We only bought Alpacas from other bio secure herds.

Biosecurity/closed herd

With the threat of TB an ever increasing worry we have taken great measures against it entering our herd.

Our boundary is fenced with Tornado badger proof fencing. This is buried into the ground to prevent badgers from burrowing under. It has small holes to prevent badgers from getting through the wire. We also have electric fencing around the top of the fence to stop animals climbing over.

Closed herd

We do not take our alpacas to shows to prevent any possible chance of contamination. Instead we show our fleeces.

We do not offer stud services, nor do we take our females off farm to be mated as an extra measure to keep contamination out.

We have strict entry procedures onto the farm, using foot dips at all entry points the alpaca areas.

When starting up, we had consultation with the Devon vet association. They agreed that our level of bio security was far and beyond the basic requirements.

We feel that this high level of bio security gives complete peace of mind to anyone buying from us.

Guarantees and policies

  • Free hands-on husbandry lessons
  • After-sales support 24/7
  • All females for sale will be scanned pregnant
  • We can deliver

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