About us

Jackie & Mark Porter - Owners of Little Park Farm Alpacas, Exeter, DevonWe are Jackie and Mark Porter. Our dream of breeding top quality Elite Alpacas began in 2010 after visiting an alpaca farm in Wiltshire. We instantly fell in love with these unusual, besotting animals.

Mark had recently retired from the police service and we were looking for a new venture for the future.

I grew up on a farm where my family bred beef cattle. I have had horses and have always enjoyed working with animals. So with my knowledge of animals and Marks business experience we felt we had the right ingredients to proceed with our dream.

We set to work preparing the land and buildings for the arrival of our first alpacas. We already had our large barn where we installed internal pens for the alpacas. We also created an office, kitchen area, restroom and toilets to accommodate the business.

On the land we divided the fields into smaller paddocks for the alpacas. This means we can not only separate males and females but manage areas of grazing to mantain the optimum land management.

We installed Tornado badger proof fencing around the perimeter of the land to prevent the risk of TB.

Core Herd Alpacas Exeter - Little Park Farm Wellground DimitriOur first alpacas arrived in July 2012. We started with 8 pregnant females. Shortly after we decided to buy our own stud male, (Wellground Dimitri).

We attended a British Vet Camelid Society owners confernece in October 2012 where one of the vet speakers was Claire Whitehead, a leading camleid vet in the country. After talking to Claire we invited her to come to Little Park farm to perform a farm assessment.

The results of the assessment  showed that we were on the right track in the early stages of our breeding programme. Claire was more than happy with the level of care we give our Alpacas and noted that our farm layout and barn was more than adequate for efficient animal husbandry and management. The assessment also states that we are giving a high level of care to our alpacas with adequate grazing and nutrition.

Jacki-Porter-of-Little-Park-Farm-Alpacas-in-Exeter-at-alpaca-feeding-timeI also attended a 2 day Camelid Health and Reproduction course run by Claire Whitehead in June 2013 which proved very informative and we had the chance to get hands on with assisting difficult birthings.

Since our first cria was born in 2012 our herd has increased to 15 breeding females. We have 2 top quality studs and two younger males who will be ready to start breeding 2014.

We feel that we have made the right decision in pursuing our dream and are ready to take it to the next level by offering some of our alpacas for sale.

Any newcomers to alpacas will, I’m sure have lots of questions. You can find some general advice about keeping and caring for alpacas. If you want to come have a look at what we do, or ask any further questions you will be very welcome. Just call to make an appointment.

Contact us on 01647 253 453 or get in touch online to find out more about our amazing Alpacas.